Sunday, June 22, 2014

The 3-war family argument

as pseudo-discussion is much more calming and lovely in sepia filter. or, I suppose it is a newfangled goldenrod filterer. Calling AAA pr not, a clothes hanger, bourbon locked in the car, laundry not done, who should help or if there were ever to be any more help, was all part of it, but faded now except for the curve of mouths and necks. Imagine a background noise like platters of brornze being thrown against one another.

Monday, February 17, 2014

sexological bodywork, finally, the paths converge

A fellow student from my CSB program wrote this up and let us all steal it, so here's what I am doing these days, if you are interested.

Need volunteers for sexological bodywork certification

I’m writing to see if you might be interested in receiving a sexological coaching/bodywork session with me. I am in training at the Institute of Advanced Human Sexuality Studies which will result in a certification (in the state of CA) in sexological bodywork.

Sexological Bodyworkers are educators and guides who tend to the whole human’s experience of their generative, creative energy, which most of us call our ‘sexuality’. Sexological bodyworkers believe sexuality is at the foundation of our authentic empowered human experience; the most radical foundational tool required to build cultures of soulfully reverent and spiritually responsible individuals. The sexological bodywork modality involves, among many other things, bodywork that does not exclude the genitals, sexuality education and self-pleasure coaching and witnessing. (borrowed from

As part of my training, I need to practice coaching and bodywork with a variety of individuals. Sessions can be over email, phone, or internet (not in-person) or in-person. And the in-person sessions can vary a lot also from no touch and all clothes on to me witnessing you in your self-pleasure (no touch) to bodywork sessions with touch (including touching genitalia). Here are some of the types of practices I am working with:

—coaching (can be over the phone, email, or in person.) in orgasmic yoga practice, sex-related topics, shame, etc.
—coaching and witnessing mindful masturbation; being witnessed in your self- pleasure can be a powerful practice for getting in touch with more of you and having a “communal” sexually embodied experience
—coaching and witnessing you with your lover - also as a powerful practice of being witnessed and seen in your sexuality
—sexological bodywork (one-way touch from me to you in a safe environment with open communication): including genital massage and anal massage

Sessions could range in time from 15 minutes to an hour or more. Sessions can be over the phone, email or Skype or in person in my home in St. Petersburg FL  or in your home.

If you are interested in exploring this with me, both to support my training and learning process and to explore your own sexual interests, please let me know. I would love to work with you.

I teach embodied writing classes and soon, will be featuring an erotic poetry and bodywork class. Go to to learn more about me. In the future, I am especially interested in focusing on people with disabilities in terms of sexological bodyworker. I have worked as a disability advocate and social worker in San francisco.


Friday, January 24, 2014

New collaborative poem with Val Witte on Dusie

Thanks so much to Dusie and guest editor Carrie Hunter for publishing the collaborative poem I wrote with Val. Because I like poem-archeology, I will say that this poem was braided together by Val and I during a year in which shared some wretched travails with intern dating, etc. There are some lowly outcomes, not leas tot which is the pome itself,a kind of prayer and a process of bodywork (at least for me).

It is called "Instructions for Folds: Why Iris?"

3. From the bottom is wine, as buried, fruit festive arm warmers for Christmas choir

4. By turning the most unusual orientation what is peculiar typified or defied, repeat || step 7 and pressed || flat the way we see is sharp, shaped like a diamond or a heart with multiple points || beating

5. A finger inserted is opening what hides beneath color, a skin || to crave texture disfigured, what we want a persona projected, pulled to the middle and sewn
like a pocket despite a tendency to partner we operate

in threes 

Read the rest ot this poem and other great pieces at Dusie!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Suncoast Burlesque Festival at St. Petersburg Nights.

Burlesque as the sexy-funny of the pain-int the-assery of taking the stockings on and off--starts to mean a lot more when you do it with an orthopedic disability. or just say, Fuck it and don't do it, but want to lick the legs of the girls and boys with the best fishnets.

The glorious Blazing Saddles MC.

Mr. Rendez Vous, Ron Day Vu (sp?)

LOVE tattooed down his spine.

The ladies form the Hip Expressions burlesque class try out their number.

Oh, the much coveted pirate swing.

Franki Markstone, to Falco's "Rock Me Amodeus" remix!

Many other wonderfuls.

 Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

Not all hedonism, folks--a fashion auction to benefit a burlesque dancer who was recently hit by a car while riding her bicycle.

I must get this fire eater's name.


Everyone out on the stage and audience dance time.

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